Why buying Gold at 10%-15% off is the smartest thing you can do right now!

Chances are that you are aware of the rapidly escalating worldwide credit and banking crisis and the crumbling fiat monetary systems. Most likely you are worried about inflation eating up your hard-earned savings, the stock market malaise, and the deflation in the housing bubble crushing your home value. Buying physical gold is an excellent hedge against inflation, and against almost any type of crisis. You won't find a single fiat currency throughout human history that has stood the test of time - all of them went to their intrinsic value zero. Gold on the other hand is the ultimate form of money, because it cannot be destroyed through inflation and is nobody's liability.

Smart investors are buying gold.

As concern mounts about the weak U.S. recovery and potential emergence of the dreaded "double-dip" recession... investors are looking for "safe haven" investments.

As a result, gold prices are heading higher in anticipation of a move by the Federal Reserve to boost liquidity in the market, a sign that a U.S. recovery has stalled.

If that happens, it will lead to a continuing devaluation of the dollar and a further lack of confidence in the U.S. economy.

Adding to gold's attraction is the news that China will expand its gold market. The Chinese State Council issued a release saying that more commercial banks will be allowed to import and export gold and will be urged to issue "yuan-denominated gold derivatives."

Plus, China's central bank, the People's Bank of China, is trying to expand gold trading and is also taking steps to promote gold ownership among its citizens.

This combination of events is extremely bullish for gold prices...

So why are we selling at a discount?

Tirconnell Resources Inc.

is a private company registered in Ontario, Canada; a junior resource company and the financial and Management arm of Arawak Mining Company Inc. and The New Arawak Mining Company Inc.

The two Arawak mining companies are registered in Guyana and each have mining permits for the mining of Gold and Minerals in approximately 1200 acre blocks each located in the Cuyuni Mining District of Central Guyana in an area known as the Aremu-Oko Shear Zone.

We are pre-selling gold in the ground - A maximum of 5,000 ounces - to finance a major expansion of our mining operations

Arawak Mining Company Inc. mining permit is located in the Cuyuni Mining District of central Guyana in a prominent greenstone belt in a profound structural feature known as the Aremu-Oko shear zone. The New Arawak Mining Company possesses a mining permit for a neighboring block in that region. The infrastructural development is significantly enhanced with road running through the properties, a laterite plateau within close proximity for an airstrip and several places for helicopter landing.

Exploration and ground testing have confirmed the geological formation and gold mineralization. Geological testing has been extensively conducted by the company, the Government of Guyana and others. Small testing equipment has been penetrating the quartzite hills which are mantled by laterite and geological teams have been estimating the volume processed.

These particular blocks are considered the best gold-rich blocks in the Oko area and have the potential to develop modern day medium scale mines by world standards.